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Resume Services and Fees:

Resume services include critiques of existing resumes, editing and writing services. We can help you write your resume or we can do all the work for you. We specialize in Federal Resumes.
Resume services may be completely Tax-Deductible. To deduct the purchase price you will need to maintain a copy of your Upscale Resume Services receipt.
Payment Terms: Payment for the consultation fee and 1/2 of the resume writing service fee is due upon completing a client agreement. The remaining balance is due when the first draft of the resume is provided to the client.
All payments and invoices are submitted and processed using PayPal.  Upscale Resume Services uses PayPal and follows PayPal policies that can be reviewed on at


Communications related to experience.
Price: $65.00

Cover Letter

Cover letter for resume.
Price: $50.00


Resume Critique

If a client has a resume prepared and only
needs recommendations for improvement.
Price: $75.00

Private Industry Resume

Includes writing services for a private industry resume. 
Price: $200.00
Ministry Resume
Services for clergy and lay workers
displaying ministry accomplishments
and personal growth.
Price: Call for a quote
Federal Resume (GS-5 to GS-9)
Services for entry and technical federal/GS positions or
salaries ranging from $34,000 through $61,000.
Price: $210.00
Federal Resume (GS-11 to GS-13)
Services for federal/GS mid-level analyst and
specialist positions or salaries ranging from
$62,000 through $103,000.
Price: $325.00
Federal Resume (GS-14 to GS-15)
Services for professional/management level positions
or salaries ranging from $104,000 through $160,000.
Price: $400.00
Military to Federal Resume
Services for military personnel with more than 10 yrs.
of service targeting a federal position
which requires translating/converting military
experience to civilian experience.
Price: $450.00

Technical Narratives & Essays (non-executive)

Writing services for each narrative.
Price: $65.00
Executive Resume (Non SES)
Director and above. Services for positions or
salaries ranging above $161,000.
Price: $500.00
Senior Executive Service Federal Resume
Five-Page Senior Executive Service Federal Resume
and narratives for Executive Core Qualifications.
Price:  Call for quote