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Client Reviews

"Valerie – I wanted to thank you for writing my resume.  It worked!  The first HR job I applied for, I was referred, interviewed and hired!  Thank you very much and I will continue to recommend your services to everyone I know that needs a professional resume!"

George F., BS, - Stafford, VA

After submitting several application packets to the Department of Homeland Security and not making the best qualified list, I decided to consult with a professional.  I consulted with Upscale Resume Services and they helped me detail my experience and update my resume.  I used my new resume to apply for another Homeland Security position and this time I made the best qualified list.  I was told that over 1500 applications were received for the position, and I made the list!  I am currently waiting to schedule a date for my first interview.  Working with Upscale Resume Services was exactly what I needed to rise above the other applicants.

Jeffrey S., BA, - Woodbridge, Virginia

"Three years ago I decided to switch the career path I was on.  After working for 20 years in the same field, at a lot of different places, in a lot of different capacities, I needed to have a resume to start my search.  Mrs. Ramos prepared an exceptional resume I was proud to send to prospective employers.  I was offered a job by the first company I sent my resume to.  My new employer stated I had a very impressive resume.  There is no way I could have done it without Mrs. Ramos.  She did a great job and is very professional."  
V. Kandy - Douglasville, GA
  "I have been a customer since 2003.  When I transitioned from military to civilian life, I consulted with Mrs. Ramos about the best way to convert my military experience into a format that would be acceptable and understandable in the civilian sector.  After working with Upscale Resume Services I was selected for a position within two months.  In addition to my resume, I received assistance with writing the KSA's/narratives, which can become overwhelming to someone new to navigating the Federal job market.  I worked with Upscale Resume Services regarding two additional positions and I was selected for the job both times!
A. R., MBA,  - Virginia
"As an ex-military person it was my mission to transition into the Federal Government, but my resume wasn’t getting me much response.   After receiving help from Valerie, I went from getting zero response to getting feedback every 2 out of 3 jobs I applied for.  I went from getting letters saying I was not qualified for the position... to getting interviews for an advanced position.  Although, I did not accept any federal positions, Valerie’s resume tips and guidance helped transmit what mine had failed to do: it showed my strengths, attributions, and worth, which piqued enough interest to get me the interviews.  I currently work as a Human Resources Manager, which I attribute to Valerie’s assistance, because it provided me with the necessary guidance to create a spectacular civilian resume and understand my total worth”.  
R. Miranda, Human Resources Manager.  MS, PHR, - Atlanta, GA.
"Writing a resume can be a painful experience if you don't know how to document your experience.  Upscale Resume Services has a great understanding of the process and they specialize in Federal resumes.  I have been working with Mrs. Ramos for years and I have been selected for 4 different positions.  It was definitely money well spent and I am worth the investment!"
Ann. - MHCA, - Virginia
"Having never applied for a federal position, but understanding that federal resumes are different from "civilian" resumes in several ways. They are much more comprehensive, requiring work details, contact information, and salaries from previous jobs. Unlike my civilian resume, which is no more than two pages, federal resumes are often at least six to ten pages or more and may require detailed narrative KSA statements as well.  Although I have over twenty years of experience in my field,  if I didn’t get an interview,  my qualifications and experience meant nothing.   I realized that I needed additional assistance in putting my application package together and  turned to Valerie Ramos for help when I applied for my first federal position.  While I had the experience and required skill set, she knew how to ensure that my federal resume had all the right “keywords” and “phrases”  which is the focus of the electronic application systems used by the government’  She also made sure that I had a complete package with all the required documents.   I highly recommend that you use the services of Valerie to navigate through the federal application mine field and not be cut out of the running by an automated system. 
Ms. Ramos is a true professional, who is thorough, detail oriented and exhibits the highest ethics." 
 L. S. - Virginia