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Resume FAQs

Why a "federal" resume?
Without a detailed resume, a hiring manager may not be able to tell if you are qualified for the job and you may lose consideration.
What are technical competencies?
Narrative essays used by Federal hiring managers to determine if an applicant has the ability to do the job. 
How long should my technical competencies be?
The length depends on how you are applying for the job.  Each narrative may be 1/2 to 1 page depending on your level of experience and qualifications needed for the position.    
How do you communicate with clients?
Upscale communicates in person with local clients, and/or by telephone,  and email.  We have worked with clients in the United States and international via email, Internet, and telephone. 
What is the final product?
If you purchase our services your final product will be a professional resume which will be transmitted to you in a file via email.  
Why should I hire a professional to write my resume?
Writing a resume can be a difficult task and it’s important to do it right.  A resume that stands out from the rest will require the applicant to highlight skills and accomplishments.  Hiring a professional will give you the edge you deserve.
What can I expect from Upscale Resume Services?
An Upscale Resume Services consultant will contact you with 48 hours of notification to discuss your request, preferred communications and projected timeline.   A consultant will need a minimum of 7 days (occasionally longer) to complete a resume from start to finish.  An Upscale Resume Services consultant will review the documents you submit and request additional information as needed.  The consultant may need to discuss your experience to gain details that will be used to draft the resume. 
What is the difference between a critique and writing the resume for me?
A critique involves providing comments about your existing resume that should improve your resume.  Upscale Resume Services does not write anything under this service.
Writing the resume for you involves a consultant interviewing you and then drafting, writing, and editing documents to create a new resume.  Upscale Resume Services does ALL the writing under this service.  The client normally receives two reviews prior to the final product delivery