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Privacy Statement

Do not send Upscale Resume Services your Social Security Number
Upscale Resume Services DOES NOT want you to send your SSN in any document, email, paper or fax.  We do not need this information.  After a consultant prepares your documents, you should add the SSN before submitting the document to a prospective employers.
We do not sell resumes, client names, lists or email addresses
We will not sell client names and information. Your resume and personal information is safe with us and will be destroyed once you receive the final product.
If you purchase goods or services from the Upscale Resume Services website, the only information we will receive will be the specific purchase information.  We will keep this purchasing data for our information only.  Upscale Resume Services uses PayPal and follows PayPal policies that can be reviewed on at
Account Update or Removal
If you would like to be removed from the Upscale Resume Services database, and no longer receive future communications or services from Upscale Resume Services, please contact us