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Service Policies

The following policies apply to the resume writing and consulting services provided by Upscale Resume Services.
Cancellation Policy:  All fees and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Fees: When you buy our products and services, you will be responsible for paying the non-refundable fees posted on our website.  All payments shall be made in U.S. dollars.  You will be responsible for paying all local, state, and federal sales, value added, excise and other taxes and duties payable in connection with this Agreement.  Any amount not paid when due will accrue interest at the rate of 13% per annum or at the highest amount permitted by applicable law.   Upscale Resume Services may elect to suspend or discontinue its services if timely payment is not received. 
Client Information:  Upon purchasing any services, you must establish a client profile and provide any relevant documents, including a current resume, KSAs, a vacancy announcement and other documents that will help Upscale Resume Services understand the requirement of your job search.  We cannot begin a project without your client profile and relevant documents.  You are also responsible for providing us with complete and accurate information, and updating such information, on a timely basis in accordance with the schedule determined by Upscale Resume Services. You are also responsible for providing effective methods for communicating with you during the project duration, including by email and telephone.
Timeframe:  Upscale Resume Services needs approximately 1-2 weeks to complete certain services.  If the deadline for a particular job posting is less than this time frame, we may not be able to perform the services you desire.  If the services are not completed within 30 days from the date you submitted your order, Upscale Resume Services reserves the right to cancel the services and may elect to issue a partial refund for services not performed as determined in Upscale Resume Services sole discretion.  Upscale Resume Services may terminate the services immediately in the event that you fail to cure a material breach within 5 business days after receipt of notice of breach or for any reason upon 30 days prior written notice.  Upon any termination, you will pay Upscale Resume Services for all services provided prior to such termination.
No Warranty and Limitations of Liability:  Upscale Resume Services will use its good faith, commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the services will be provided in a professional manner. UPSCALE RESUME SERVICES MAKES NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICES OR ANY DELIVERABLES PROVIDED TO YOU AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE HIRED OR ANY OTHER RESULT.